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26 March 2005, a day jungle trek in Khao Yai national park in Thailand

These are some photos from our one day summer season trek in the jungle of Khao Yai national park about 3 hours drive to the north of Bangkok. We hiked from the headquarter to Haew Suwat waterfall and then we followed the Lam Ta Kong creek to Pha Kluai Mai camp in the late evening. After dinner we went for a night tour to spot wildlife. On this hike we saw a small crocodile lying on a dead tree on the creek; barking deers and a wild dog during the night trip.

Khao Yai is probably the most popular national park in Thailand due to its proximity to the most populous city - Bangkok. The park has a range of marked walking trails, road side camp grounds with rest rooms, restaurants, visitor center, a small museum, and bungalows in the central area of the park. Weekends are said to be crowded and if you need quiet camping you better go during the weekdays. Even more crowded are the newyear days at the end of December and in the middle of April.

The park is good for everyone to study about nature and wildlife, plants and wild fruits, going into the jungle, forest camping and survival, as well as the formation and management of such a nature reserve area.

For those who want to go deep into the jungle for overnight camping rangers are available to lead the trip. visitors must contact the park's office with their details and the trip plan.

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