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National parks - Myanmar

National parks, wetlands, botanical gardens, and wildlife sanctuaries in Myanmar (Burma)

Location map of national parks in Myanmar Click the links below to informaiton and photos of the parks. These information are extracted from the Forest department of Myanmar.

Travel to the parks such as Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria) national park, Alaungdaw Kathapa national park, Khakaborazi national park require special permit. Business monopoly and red tape exist in the travel to several areas.

1. Khakaborazi national park
2. Indawgyi lake wildlife sanctuary
3. Chatthin wildlife sanctuary
4. Alaungdaw Kathapa national park

5. Maymyo botanical garden
6. Nat Ma Taung (Mt Victoria) national park
7. Popa mountain park
8. Inle lake wetland sanctuary
9. Shwesettaw wildlife sanctuary
10. Sein Ye forest camp
11. Moneyingyi wetland wildlife sanctuary
12. Myaing Hay Wun elephant camp
13. Hlawaga park
14. Yangon zoological garden
15. Meinmahla Kyun (island) wildlife sanctuary

States and divisions
a = Kachin state
b = Sagaing division
c = Chin state
d = Shan state
e = Mandalay division
f = Magwe division
g = Rakhine state
h = Kayah state
i = Bago division
j = Ayeyarwaddy division
k = Yangon division
l = Kayin state
m = Mon state
n = Thaninthayi division

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