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4 to 6 March 2005 trip in Ramkhamhaeng national park & Sukhothai historical park in northern Thailand

Popular activities of tourists in Ramkhamhaeng national park are four km hike up to the 1200 meter highland Khao Luang mountain to camp, to walk in the beautiful grassland there and enjoy the sceneries from its four view points, and of course photography.

The headquarters area at the foot of the hills provides visitor center and decent bungalows for overnight stay. The trail to the top is not difficult but not a very easy walk though. If you plan to go for out of the beaten tracks, this 340 plus square kilometer national park offers chances to go trekking to waterfalls, medicinal plants, remains from the past human settlement, and caves. It is also good for inexperienced or first time hikers to go with the park's rangers to learn the jungle survival. Not far from the park is Sukhothai historical park - an important civilization in the history of Thailand.

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