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Photo album - Kachin state | Old photos

Inside Mandalay - Myitkyina Train

This is Mandalay - Myitkyina (780 km or 488 miles of rolling and rocking rail road in the north of Myanmar) train. Here you see Myanmars and their foreign friends eating in their upper class train compartment. They were traveling during the Myanmar new year period of mid April. They closed their window because people along the rail route were throwing the water into the train compartment.

They had to sleep in their seats during the 24 to 30 Hrs journey north to the capital of Kachin state, Myitkyina. Special trains with sleeping cabins run at certain periods that are seldom announced well ahead. Normally there should be one or two trains daily between Mandalay and Myitkyina in dry seasons.

Mandalay and Myitkyina are connected by Myanmar Airways domestic flights 2 or 3 times per week. Private airlines sometimes fly this route, but again the time table may not be known months ahead. The car roads could be used only during the dry season and it may take days to reach Myitkyina. Foreign tourists are advised not to take the car road.

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