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Photo album - Kachin state | Old photos

Going to the train station in Myitkyina

In this photo people use tricycle for the transport in Myitkyina. These people were going to the train station with their luggages. They would later take the slow motion train down to Mandalay for a 24 to 30 hours journey. After leaving Myitkyina, the first one third of the journey is through the scenic areas of northern Myanmar with strangely beautiful small towns and villages which are different in style and feeling from those in the middle country. The train stops at several towns.

Alternative way to come back to Mandalay (by land) is traveling by car to Bhamaw (about 186 km rough road which may take about 10Hrs or more, and there are many check points where people are asked to show their ID cards or passports) and then continue to Mandalay by boat on the Ayeyarwaddy river. Two weekly boats leave Bhamaw on Tuesday and Friday at 0600Hrs, and arrive Mandalay in the afternoon of the next day.

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