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Photo album - Rakhine state | Old photos

Ko Thaung Temple - Mrauk Oo

Ruins of Ko Thaung temple or temples of 90000 images (structure with tunnels inside) in Mrauk Oo, northern Rakhine state. The 3 sides of the structure have terraces with small pagodas. Inner galleries are now in-accessible. Previously it ran 230 feet by 230 feet and 50 feet high.

Tourists need to fly to Sittwe (capital of Rakhine state) from where there are boats upstream Kissipanadi river (Kaladan river) to Kyauk Taw (a former Rakhine capital). From Kyauk Taw people can have car transport south to Mrauk Oo. However from the begining of 2002 there have been boats running between Sittwe and Mrauk Oo so tourists do not need to pass Kyauk Taw to get to Mrauk Oo.

Northern Rakhine state is full of mountains, first flowing river streams, sea islands and so on. However traveling there is still in a difficult situation especially during the rainy season (June to Sept). Traveling there by land may be possible in the near future since now there are progress in building of land transport route including bridges across rivers.
The hotels there (up to 2001) have electricity only 4 hours a day from 6 to 10 pm.

Latest news (2002): Now some of the hotels have diesel power generator and can supply 24 hours electricity.

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