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Trip reports - A four day short trip to Yangon and Kyaikhtiyo pagoda from 22nd to 24th Jan 2012

We did a short trip to Myanmar/Burma during one of our weekends holidays in January 2012. In a four day quick tour of Yangon and Kyaikhtiyo pagoda we made a brief visit to Yangon University campus, its technical school, Shwedagon (paya) pagoda, the Yangon river front where we talked to the workers on board a boat, night street. On the other day we took a bus to the hill-top pagoda in Mon state.

From our four day whirl wind trip we find that the beautiful country is in serious need of proper public education of all context for every citizen. We peoples need to work smart, learn hard and must try constantly to produce necessary goods, services and management. Many peoples seem to be on the short cut ways to make money and they are losing their dignity, beauty, culture, education, mental and physical health, and ownership. Lots of social problems could follow.

We from their neighboring countries must help them to help themselves. Domestic and regional volunteering may be promoted. Investment in the kinds of business that will damage the local life in any way should not come.

We also feel that depending more on tourism will make more damage (whether it is visible or mental, hidden or obvious, short term or long term) than good. It is easy to talk nice words about the good tourism, eco-tourism, responsible tourism or whatever. From our own experience the reality is not (always) like what have been written or talked about. You need to produce, and you need to own technology, knowhow, experience, will, and knowledge, etc.

Fon and Jiw
Two Thai visitors who want to see Myanmar more happy and nice place to live in the near future..

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