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Tours - Trips in Chin state, western Myanmar

Chin state in Western Myanmar bordering India and Bangaladesh is mostly steep sloped hills and swift flowing river streams. The region is open to restricted tourism with permission. Due to its fragile natural, ecological and cultural situations combined with insufficient transort and other infrastructure it is good for small group responsible tourism in low frequency in certain months of the year.

During 2004 to 2011 we have operated small group (2 to 6 persons) trip to both southern and northern Chin state. There is no flight to Chin state so far (2012). Four mostly used land routes are:
  • From Chauk (about 40km to the south of famous Buddhist archaeological site "Bagan"), crossing the bridge over the Ayeyarwaddy river to southern Chin state - either to Kan Pat Let or Mindat.
  • From Pakokku (about 35km up the Ayeyarwaddy river from Bagan) to Mindat.
  • From Gangaw to Hakha (central Chin state)
  • From Kalay in Sagain region to northern Chin state, to Tai Ngin junction.
The time needed for a quality tour and to explore the native life in Chin state depends on various conditions. As a minimum you will need about a week to enjoy the trip to an area of the state and to see for yourself the life and scenery and their traditions.

Two most popular places are:

Hiking to Mt. Victoria (or) Khon Nu Son (or) Nat Ma mountain in southern Chin state: this trip will take you to several villages in Kan Palat and or Mindat area, home stay nights, and hiking to the 3100 meter peak. You will also have to spend a couple of nights in either Kan Palet or Mindat.

Available accommodations are staying in a house, in a village lodge/national park bungalow style houses, , privately operated small resorts, home stay in village, or camping. If you do village home stay, shower will be outside the house and you will go to squat style toilet also outside the house. We will provide clean bed sheet, pillow, pillow case, blanket and mosquito net. Food will be cooked hot and eaten warm. Water for cleaning is available. Boiled water is provided for drinking. You should bring your own toiletry.

These photos were taken in our of Jan/Feb 2011 trip in which we hiked to the summit of Mt. Victoria, spent nights in a village and in Mindat town. We also went down to see a small hydro-electric power plant on Che stream. We spent one week for Mindat and around including the hike.

Northern & central Chin state: Teddim, Falam, Hakha: most peoples would say northern Chin state is more developed than the south. Accommodations are said to be better but still there are no star rated hotels there (2012). However you can also do village home stay which gives you more knowledge and chances for intimate photography of the life and scenes at any time of the day. If you go out of the major towns (Teddim, Tonzang, Falam, Hakha) then the accommodations will be very basic.

These photos were from our 15 days trip in Jan 2012 to northern Chin state. The trip started in Bagan, then to Monywa on Chindwin river. The small group also overnight in Kalay Myo in Sagaing state before heading up the northern Chin state mountains. Places they visited include Tedim (Teddim or Tiddim), Galam, Hakha, Yaswar; Matupi and Mindat in southern Chin state.

Map of Chin state

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