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Trip reports - Hiking, camping to snow covered mountain in Putao

Putao & Myitkyina in Kachin state (08 - 20 Dec 2009)

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Walking along and passing the creek
Walking up the creek, not an easy walk

We walked across the cold waters many times, hiked over rocks and boulders and through the thick forest. The creek is beautiful, the waters clean and clear. We saw monkeys on the trees, birds in the sky and small fish in the river. Below are more photos of the creek.

Ponyin creek

Ponyin creek

We spent one night and two days along the creek. On the second day on the creek we walked on Phangran creek after taking the left turn at the river junction. At the end of Phangran creek we continued hiking up the dry stoney river bed to the snow line.

After passing the end of Phangran creek
After the passing the last waters of Phangran creek we trekked further up to the snow line.

Sunrise view from the snow line camp
Sunrise at the base camp at snow line

The night at the base camp was very cold. We were able to sleep only few hours. From the lower valley where we left Ziyadan village few days ago, the sun rose slowly behind the thin film of fog. The land at the camp is stoney and could not find a place to dig the toilet hole. So we searched for a hole-like rock formation and filled with stones after finishing the morning business.

Going up to the saddle
Going up the Phangran mountain is a hike up the snow covered steep slope, at first to the saddle. At the saddle we continued walking up the steep slope to the minor peak at about 3800 meters.

On the minor peak of Phangran Razi mountain
After nearly 4 hours struggle from the base camp we reached the minor peak. At that point we decided not to continue to the 4300 meters peak since one member was feeling weak from the diarrhea two days ago, and could not go ahead.

A view from the minor peak
A view from the minor peak

Route to Phangkran Razi peak in the fog
Phangran Razi peak behind the fog.

View to the west, to India-Myanmar border
View to the west, to India-Myanmar border

Getting down back to the camp from Phangran Razi mountain
Getting down back to the base camp

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