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Trip reports - Hiking, camping to snow covered mountain in Putao

Putao & Myitkyina in Kachin state (08 - 20 Dec 2009)

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Another cold night at the base camp of Phangran Razi mountain
Another cold night at the base camp of Phangran Razi mountain

So on the 6th day from leaving Putao, we begun our descend. We walked down the steep rocky dry stream bed to the waterline and continued down and down. We wanted to reach Putao on the 8th day. Usually the trip to Phangran razi is about 11 to 13 days.

Descending the valley toward Phangran creek

Phangran creek
Back to Phangran creek

Today we wanted to cover as much as possible. So we walked a bit faster but very carefully over the rocks and slippery stones in the creek down to the night camp at about three quarters down from the river-end. So we would reach Ziyadan village mid day on the next day (7th day) and could continue to Warsandan village. Throughout the trail along the creek and on the village track tits are the problem. Tits are around usually during the day time; and their bite can make your skin burn red and itchy. Protective lotion are useful.

Bush wacking where we could not walk or pass the creek
Bush wacking where we could not walk over or pass the creek

Walking over the stream
Walking over the stream

And more walking overthe creek
And more walking over the stream

Crossing the river by suspension bridge
Crossing the river by suspension bridge

On the 7th day we arrived Ziyadan village at about 1pm, cooked and had lunch and left at 2pm for Warsandan village. Ziyadan to Warsandan is easy. We took 3 hours to reach Warsandan village. We were all tired but happy that we would get time for sightseeing around Putao.

Awardan village again
Awardan village again

Students reading on the road while going back home
Children (students) reading on the road while walking back home.

Farms near Warsandan village
Paddy fields near Warsandan village

At Warsandan village we had a good night stop after a long walk. We bought chicken and eggs from the village, and cooked a very delicious hot dinner. I also took shower. We had not got a shower since we passed Ziyadan village on the way up. It was a good night sleep as well after spending the cold nights in the tent on uneven ground and rocks.

Early morning we left Warsandan village
We left Warsandan village in the morning on the 8th day for Putao - the final day of walk.

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