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Rural scenery of Myanmar in paintworks

These paintworks can be seen on the hand painted cards or postcards sold in various shops in Myanmar. These scenes show the life of people in the country side that still exist today more or less similar to the old days.

A village on a lake. This sketch painting is the artist's imagination of rural life on water - -
A lone hut inhabited by a couple. They may probably stay in this hut far from - -
Temples on the other side of river
A village temple built on top of a small hill
This family live in a house built on a small island in the water
A buffalo and a farm lady
Preparing for a long trip by river boat
A visit to the temple yard
A village road passing through the quiet houses
A sunset evening at a village
A fisherman's lonely hut on a river
An ox cart on a road
A cowboy playing his flute
A house on the river bank at night
A village scene in a morning
An ox-cart is seen with the back drop of a hill
A village boy comes home on a buffalo
A typical village with a small river stream nearby
An ox-cart with a farmer moving on a village road in the middle of the day
A fisherman at his work
A village with land and water transport nearby
A large sail-boat is seen gliding along a river
A fisherman on Inle lake - southern Shan state
A village woman is carrying an earthen pot with water for home use
A village on the bank of a river. There is a wooden bridge over a stream
A villager is pushing his boat with a bamboo pole
Here is another quiet village scene by the river

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