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Nepal trip photo essay

Nepal | Jan 1999 Nepal trip photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Barabise town on Bhote Kosi river
Barabise town on Bhote Kosi river, and the bridge (Google earth image)

Barabise on the eastern river bank is just over 800 meters above the sea level. Walking trails and Yak tracks connect the town with many villages in the surrounding mountains. Temples, ancient forts, monasteries in the hills and terraced agricultural farms are places to visit.

A cable bridge over Sun Kosi river
A cable bridge over Sun Kosi river

At a small village we stopped for a stretch and took a walk on the cable bridge to the other side of Sun Kosi river.

On Arniko highway public buses run between Kathmandu and Kodari. These non-airconditioned vehicles are often very crowded. People and cargo along with some animals share the space. We saw a bus full of passengers inside and at least 7 more on top of the roof. More than half of the road was not yet paved; dust masks or scarves should be handy. Food and drink for lunch should be prepared to eat on the way. If you get more days a night in Barabise, a night in Kodari and another night in a mountain village would make a good trip.

As for entering Tibet (China) contact Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. In the past they required you to go in a package group of at least four people. Things may be changed. On our travel we mingled with locals and made a trip into Tibet!

After one more night in the capital we took a bus in early morning to Pokhara - 200 km to the west. The air-conditioned bus without a toilet took nearly 8 hours. The road was better than the road to Kodari. It sneaks along river valleys with good views, turning and winding the slopes of middle hills.

Phewa lake and row boats, Pokhara
Row boats on the bank of Phewa lake - Pokhara town

Pokhara region is a mix of snow covered peaks dotting in the north, crystal clear lakes, turbulent rivers, caves, deep georges and beautiful villages of ethnic tribal people in the valleys and mountain slopes. The town itself is second biggest in Nepal after Kathmandu. It can be reached by road from Kathmandu and Indian border town of Bhairahawa (Nepal) and Sunauli (India). There are flight services by several domestic airlines and helicopter operators between the two cities.

Pokhara - lake side
Pokhara town - lake side

Lakeside area of Pokhara where guesthouses, restaurants, shops and travel agents lined the street. It was like a low season and not many foreign tourists were seen. We did a day long walk to a couple of villages on the hill slope.

Dirt road around Phewa lake - Pokhara
Dirt road around Phewa road - Pokhara

On the dirt road curving Phewa lake to the villages. Behind is the lake side (Bai Dam) area of the town - a tourists handouts. The lake was formed by damming a river. The lake (Phewa Tal) itself offers self paddling to the temple on the island.

A village - Pokhara
A village - Pokhara

One day to 30 days long walks are possible from Pokhara town. Day return trips can be done on your own with a map. Several days long treks sleeping in village houses or tea houses and camping should be done by permit and arrangement of guides or operator.

Guided package treks for tourists in Nepal normally include porters, food, accommodation, licenced guides, and gear. For camping they even bring tables and chairs. Whilst in Thailand we usually carry minimum essentials on a jungle trek, things are different in Nepal. However one can always request to make it only the stuff you need to keep the cost lower.

Nepal | Jan 1999 Nepal trip photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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